Buso Renkin Beginnings

Set years before the main storyline of Buso Renkin. Hone your skills as a Alchemic warrior, Animal Hommunculis, Or Humanoid Hommunculus.
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 Savin's "Lair"

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Savin Rei
Savin Rei

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Savin's "Lair" Empty
PostSubject: Savin's "Lair"   Savin's "Lair" Icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2009 7:38 pm

Savin room is filled all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. We got your king sized bed in the corner, the plasma screen TV hooked up with a PS3 and a Wii in front of the bed. We have your evil genius and henchman worthy laboratory on the other side of the room and we got the library of manga and science related books next to a homemade walk-in closet. Savin walks in from his lunch at freak burger and enters his walk in closet and takes a kisuke urahara costume fro ma hanger. "this should work" He then reaches up and extracts two sword replicas from the top shelf, one of urahara's shikai and ichigo's bankai. "these work also"

OOC: yes i am that good lol ^^
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Savin's "Lair"
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