Buso Renkin Beginnings

Set years before the main storyline of Buso Renkin. Hone your skills as a Alchemic warrior, Animal Hommunculis, Or Humanoid Hommunculus.
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 Shado Sakata

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PostSubject: Shado Sakata   Shado Sakata Icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2009 11:18 pm

Name: Shado Sakata

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Rank: Former South American Leader

Buso Renkin: Orical

Appearance: 6 foot 3 inches, long blue hair, muscularly built, wears black and blue clothes alot has a pyramid shaped scar on his face

Personality: twisted, sick, sadistic, very manipulaitve and intelligent

History: Shado used to be the South American leader of the Alchemist Army but he was later sentenced to punishment by executed for illegal genetic experiment involving the fusion of hommunculi with humans. During his supposed execution, he was rescued by a humanoid hommunculi. Noone has seen him since that day.
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Shado Sakata
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